Kenosha County Talent Attraction Initiative


Executive Summary

Project description
The Kenosha County Talent Attraction Initiative (KCTAI) is a collaborative effort by several local organizations to proactively address the risk of a looming talent shortage in Kenosha County. The initial partners involved are Kenosha County, KABA, the Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Kenosha, the Village of Pleasant Prairie and Berkshire Hathaway/Epic Real Estate.

The KCTAI’s first actionable item is the creation of a overall brand identity that would be representative of the entire County. This brand would not compete with the brands of existing municipalities or organizations but rather enhance them and work together to reinforce key messaging. A singular icon would be created in hopes that partners would display it in an effort to demonstrate cooperation and show visitors that they’re in the right place.

The main vehicle initially for the promotion of the brand would be a website targeting people who are considering living, working or visiting here. The site would act as an overall resource for County-wide quality of life information such as education, neighborhoods, healthcare, cost of living, major employers, etc. Other examples of this type of community-wide site include and (Greater Peoria, IL).

KABA has volunteered to lead this project and is coordinating the development of this website with the development of its own website which is currently underway. KABA has entered into a working agreement with Milwaukee-based Thirsty Boy. The site will be rich in imagery and will portray the many assets and strengths of Kenosha County in a high-energy and very visually appealing way.

The timeline for the project would be to start development of the site in first quarter 2017.

Photography and preliminary information gathering will take place in 2016.

Projected outcomes

The KCTAI will be a useful resource as we seek to first and foremost attract and retain talent in Kenosha County. Some of the many audiences we feel it will provide value for include:

  • Major employers as they look to attract and retain talent;
  • Area municipalities who aren’t able to provide comprehensive information about their assets and strengths for potential residents and visitors;
  • Local residents – especially new residents – who may not be aware of all Kenosha County has to offer;
  • Businesses looking to do business in Kenosha County including retail, commercial and industrial leads;
  • Area developers and realtors who will find value in the demographic and quality of life data;
  • People across the region and country who are looking to relocate to the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.

The KCTAI will also provide a uniform voice and united front when talking about our many assets. The branding process will seek to pinpoint what it is about Kenosha that is authentically attractive and sets us apart from other lakeshore communities along the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor (which we consider
to be our main competition for both talent and business investment).


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the Kenosha County Talent Attraction Initiative Report.