Employment Strategies/Economic Development


Why is this important?

At its heart, economic development is about building healthy economies in order to have healthy communities.
A strong economy and employment opportunities help our community by providing:

  • Increased Tax Base – revenue provided by economic development supports, maintains, and improves local infrastructure, such as roads, parks, libraries, and emergency medical services.
  • Job Development – economic development provides better wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.
  • Business Retention – businesses feel appreciated by the community and, in turn, are more likely to stay in town, contributing to the economy.
  • Economic Diversification – a diversified economic base helps expand the local economy and reduces a community’s vulnerability to a single business sector.
  • Self-sufficiency – a stronger economic base means public services are less dependent on intergovernmental influences and alliances, which can change with each election.
  • Productive Use of Property – property used for its “highest and best use” maximizes the value of that property.
  • Quality of Life – more local tax dollars and jobs raise the economic tide for the entire community, including the overall standard of living of the residents.
  • Recognition of Local Products – successful economic development often occurs when locally produced goods are consumed in the local market to a greater degree.

Vision of success

  • Kenosha residents are working in Kenosha
  • New companies are moving to Kenosha
  • There are modern workplaces with high-tech, well-paying jobs
  • People are spending their money locally
  • There is support for a regional transportation system that connects higher education campuses, western Kenosha County to downtown, etc.

What’s already going on? How you someone get involved?


City of Kenosha
Kenosha County
Village of Pleasant Prairie
Other Kenosha County Municipalities
Downtown Kenosha
Strong industrial parks: LakeView Corporate Park & Business Park of Kenosha
UW-Parkside SBDC
Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce (I & E Club)