Neighborhood Development/Downtown Revitalization


Why is this important?

Great neighborhoods provide safe, increase a sense of community, empower individuals and increase citizen participation. They provide a basic line of support to families. Neighborhoods form the most immediate environment for children to socialize outside the family and through that socialization they build confident and develop coping skills. The development of strong neighborhoods in Kenosha County could have many positive effects on children, individuals and families in our community.
Specifically, the development of Downtown Kenosha is a priority. The development of a thriving downtown area is a symbol of community economic health, partnership between the private and public sector, is a source of community pride and history and is an important space where all segments of the community can meet equally to celebrate. Downtown can be a tourist attraction, can help stimulate the local economy and be a place where arts and culture thrive.

Vision of success

  • Lower income neighborhoods are transformed to vibrant, safe, sustainable communities with a mix of businesses, green spaces and schools and a mix of all ages, races and ethnicities
  • People are authentically embracing diversity
  • Businesses are competing for high priority downtown space
  • Young professionals live downtown in affordable housing.
  • Downtown is vibrant with entertainment and arts district, shops, classy appeal and downtown night scene: live music, street musicians.

What’s already going on? How you someone get involved?

City of Kenosha
Kenosha County
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown BID
DK Funding Partners
Kenosha County Department of Human Services
City and County gang prevention programming
Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha
Journey of Hope – Kenosha County